Minicast Update

Before this project I had not really listened to many podcasts before. I didn’t think they would be my type of thing, however, after listening to a few different podcasts through this class I found myself intrigued by them and discovered that podcasts are good to listen to while going about my day. I found myself particularly drawn to one of them in particular, Flash Future. I found the concept very interesting and was heavily engaged while listening to it. This inspired me to make my minicast somewhat similar to this podcast in structure and style. Our minicast is called Imagine That and has an underlying theme of if we continue to be politically active and stand up for what we believe in, it can have a significant impact on our future and politics. The main idea and structure of our minicast is presented as describing what our world could be like if we continued on our current path or if we did something to change it.

This particular episode is about women’s rights and the women’s marches that have been happening over the past year since Donald Trump was elected president. In the episode, which is entitled “World of Women,” we bring up many of the ideas that women are marching for, such as equality, reproductive rights, an end to the trump administration, etc. We try to imagine what it would be like if everyone got behind the movement of the women’s marches and helped to actually fulfill what these women are fighting for; in such a future could there be a woman president, would women have equal pay and rights over their bodies, or could all people be accepted into our country regardless of where they may have been born.

There are three different sections to our minicast that are all interrelated. We start out by introducing ourselves and briefly telling what our minicast is, followed by describing our “what-if” situation about what our country could be like, and then we end by talking about our scenario and what we can do to possibly achieve this.

The podcast will be narrated entirely by Kayla Devine and myself, with music in between segments to help distinguish between them. However, we have not yet found music or music libraries to use for our minicast yet. Me and Kayla wrote the script for the minicast together, exchanging ideas throughout, which is similar to how the narration is planned out to go as well.


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