Minicast Reflection

The topic for my group’s minicast was very broad, being the women’s marches and women’s rights, so the first real issue we came across was picking and choosing what information to include. Different people have many different reasons for why they march and we really wanted to try and address most of these issues, considering the fact that they are all important.

Once we decided on the crucial pieces that needed to be included, such as reproductive rights, rights of DACA recipients, and equality for women of color, we got into actually making the minicast. At first figuring out how to work the snowball microphones with audacity was very confusing and frustrating to figure out. I had only done very basic stuff with audacity before for the fairy folk tale project, however the minicast definitely involved learning and utilizing some new techniques. Some of these new techniques included using the noise reduction feature, recording, and overall just some new editing tools. The hardest part of the whole thing was probably editing the piece. Both me and my partner were a little sick during the making of the minicast and were constantly sniffling our noses or sneezing, which was caught on tape many times. Between this and any background noises that may have occurred while we were recording, we had a fair amount of places that needed to be cut out or edited to make the minicast clearer and easier to follow. We had to be careful because when cutting out background or unwanted noises one would often be able to pickup up on an awkward transition and cutting noise between the two parts that was almost as bad as the sniffling.

Our minicast ended up turning out alright, but we weren’t quite happy with it. After work shopping the piece and listening to it a couple more times we realized it had a lot of rough patches and areas that could be improved upon. We ended up going back to the library and re-recording the whole minicast and found ourselves much happier with the final product.

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