Photoshop Tutorial Thoughts

Moving on from Audacity, we are now getting into learning and utilizing the basic features of photoshop. Unlike audacity I have some experience, very little but experience none the less, with using photoshop. My freshman year of high school I was in a photography class, which briefly introduced the most basic features of the program towards the end of the semester. I certainly had a very slim understanding of photoshop, however the Photoshop CC 2018 Essential Training: The Basics Tutorial by Julieanne Kost helped to fill in all the patches of what basic tools I still needed to know how to use.

The most confusing aspect of the tutorial for me, that I am still unclear on, is how to implement and utilize layering images and using a layer mask. I find merging and using multiple images confusing and difficult to use without making them look forced together. While trying to follow along with the tutorial I found myself constantly falling behind during these sections and was not able to successfully complete the tasks being carried out.

From what I’ve seen out of this tutorial, I think that being able to crop and layer images will be some of the most beneficial aspects of photoshop moving forward in this class. These features will prove to be exceptionally useful when we are creating images for our timeline and sarcastic ads because we will be able to combine many different images and ideas in one piece.

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