Timeline Update

When I was first trying to figure out how to use the timeline software I was extraordinarily confused. I didn’t understand how the google spreadsheet came into play and was used to make the timeline. Then Flickr was added into the equation as well and I found myself becoming ever more lost about what I was supposed to be doing for this project. However, after exploring the software and receiving more in depth instructions on what is going on I got down to business. I am looking through the rock magazines and comics to find content to put towards the timeline and tags that we have chosen. I found that for the most part the tags we have work very well for the project at hand. I have been able to find content that falls under each category, besides the trans community. This topic is not discussed much in this type of media, but I could see it being prevalent in the other categories. Some of the tags, such as diversity, might be a little general, however considering the broad spectrum of media types this might be necessary. On the other hand, animosity might be a little too general and not fully relate, in some circumstances, to the overarching theme of sexuality.

When trying to find content for particular tags, I often times find myself looking for keywords, such as sex, and provocative or intriguing pictures that I think relates to one of the tags. Considering the sexual and androgynous nature of the seventies and eighties rock scene, finding content that related to our agreed upon tags was not very difficult.

In creating our final project, we could maybe consider finding a way to differentiate between the different types of media used, considering the comics and rock magazines are starkly different from one another. Overall though I would say our timeline is coming along nicely and the timeline program is very user friendly and convenient for the task at hand.

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