TAGS- Defying Gender Roles

An overarching theme for this timeline is societal problems and relations between different groups of people. One of the major categories that we decided upon to be one of our tags was “Defying Gender Roles.” This can be a very useful tag for researchers who are interested in feminism and gender studies because it discusses instances where people blatantly ignore what society expects of them and instead do the opposite. The idea of defiance is an important aspect to the earlier mentioned topic of feminism because it shows people in action taking a stand for equality and not letting themselves fall into society’s strict guidelines for them. A central component of gender studies is how different cultures expect people to act based on their social status, gender, sex, age, etc.

Defying gender roles in our timeline is essentially displayed as a broad notion of various ways and times when individuals in comics or within the rock and roll scene acted in ways that are atypical for their identified gender. This can include instances such as a male rock star cross dressing in what are considered to be women’s clothes (or vice versa), men being stunned by Wonder Woman’s strength and dauntlessness, and men displaying intense emotions and being dramatic. While these occurrences can and do happen for all genders, society and mass media depict these actions, and many others, as being specifically “male” or “female” attributes. This timeline picks these instances out of pieces of older media that would not typically be searched through when studying gender.

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