Twine Game Reflection

I’ve always loved scary stories and been interested in crime and murder mysteries. One thing in particular from my childhood that I immediately thought of when this assignment was introduced was the Goosebumps Choose Your Own Adventure books. I saw this assignment as a way to take my own twist on these books in a virtual setting, which sparked the idea behind Memory Lane. I wanted to create a spooky atmosphere throughout the game, which was done by utilizing images, color, language, and suspenseful transitions. To start off the game, the title slide contains a blood splatter, which sparks the creation of a daunting atmosphere. I tried to keep my passages on the shorter side not only so that they didn’t get too long and boring, but to create suspense by making the player keep going and not knowing what is going to happen next. As far as the formatting goes, I tried to use a red font/ dark-grey background color scheme which appears eerie and to give the connotation of blood and danger. In final passages if the player dies, the color changes to a vivid red background with black font to further symbolize blood and the player’s death. My intent is as the player goes through the game, feelings of suspense and fright build until their inevitable death or rescue from the police. As one plays the game they have to make choices that will effect the path they take and ultimately whether the player lives or not, such as picking up a shovel or baseball bat, one of which will cause your death and the other will save you. This ability to make decisions and alter one’s fate builds the suspense because it’s their choices that can get the player killed, not a preset ending the creator has made and is inevitable.

During the play testing, I received a lot of feedback on the plain format of my game, having no color or images besides the default settings. I went through with the ideas discussed above about using formatting and images to create a chilling feeling to the narrative, which I think significantly aided to the visual appeal of the game. In addition to this I had a few instances where my game looped back to a part I initially thought made sense, but it ended up repeating itself too much and being found annoying. Overall I had a bunch of minor things I had to tweak in order to bring the game to it’s final product, which has come a long way from where it started.

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