Semester Reflection

This past semester in Composing Digital Media has been a whirlwind of frustration, excitement, relief, and confusion. I have never considered myself to be particularly “tech-savvy,” and so I struggled a lot with figuring out how to use the different software and programs in the class.  I found that for almost all of the projects I started out frustrated and confused but I slowly learned how to use the programs and figure things out and actually started to enjoy constructing most of the projects, and then a feeling of success and relief once I finished. I’m not sure exactly which of my projects I would consider the best per say, but I tend to keep going back to the twine and personally it has become my favorite project that I have created throughout the semester.

If I had to completely redo one of my projects from this class, I would probably deconstruct my icon project. I really liked the idea behind my project and how it discusses the consumer society that America has developed, but the project itself has some major flaws. The main flaw that comes to mind for me is the fact that even though I tried fixing it, the image is still rather blurry. I might try and resize things if I were to redo it so that the image is more crisp and clear.

I found the workshop sessions to be extremely crucial to the development of my projects. Not only did I get other people’s opinions on my projects and what I should fix, but it also helped me to learn how to do certain things that I wasn’t sure about but wanted to implement. For example, with the twine I did not know how to add images into the twine, but the workshopping allowed me to connect with my other classmates to figure out and get help on how to do this. As the semester went on and I got more used to working with the programs and workshopping, I found myself much more comfortable with my work and showing it off. I would be willing to show some of my work to an outside audience, because I feel like overall the projects I created are all unique and I spent a lot of time and effort into creating them so as far as I’m concerned the world can see them.

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