This project is in the form of a twine game, which is an interactive narrative that creates a story based off the choices the player makes. “A Warm Welcoming” in particular is a thriller which can take many different paths that loop together and can either end with you surviving your encounters with various dangerous individuals or in a gruesome death. Twine and Photoshop were both utilized in the creation of this project in order to make for a very interactive and captivating experience.

I went into this project having a short and plain twine game, which I attempted to take to another level through the final project. The original twine did not go much beyond a simple game with little visual appeal to it. In order to transform it I added in a lot of new aspects to take not only the story to the next level, but also the visual experience as well. A main difference in the final project that helps to set the atmosphere is the addition of sound effects and suspenseful music. These sound effects created an eerie feeling by bringing out and emphasizing what is going on in the story such as the intruder’s footsteps or the creak of a door opening while you’re hiding. Figuring out how to incorporate these sound effects into the twine was very confusing at first and I had to watch several tutorials before I was able to figure out setting up a website and putting my sound effects into the game. In further attempts to build the atmosphere and setting, I incorporated pictures into the story as well. Some of these I had to use Photoshop in order to draw attention to certain things such as the boy in the yearbook who you might later learn is the intruder. I also used several other macros such as setting the text to give a shudder effect in some of the more suspenseful slides or if you die. Overall between the creation of a second path that overlaps with the original, more of a backstory, and several new effects and add-ins the twine has come a long way from where it started.

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